Nextcloud on Postgresql Nethserver 7.7.1908

It is possible to install Nextcloud on Nethserver more so that it uses Postgresql

It would be possible, but you’d need to install Nextcloud manually (not from the software center or using the Neth packages). Why do you want to use Postgres rather than MariaDB?

Thank you very much for responding.
I thought it would be a way out of the problem I’m having with Mysql, because I can’t recover the admin password and I don’t know why it was changed.
But I also asked out of curiosity.

Hi @onlitec
You are aware that all mysql(on nethserver mariadb) passwords generated by offical nethserver modules are to be found at /var/lib/nethserver/secrets ?


Thank you very much for answering I am aware yes, but I do not know how the passwords were changed. Fortunately I managed to reset the root password and changed it.