NextCloud on a NethServer 8: not getting password reset e-mail for admin

NethServer Version: NG8
Module: Nexcloud

Hello everyone,
I’m currently trying NexCloud on a NethServer 8 installation on top of debian 11. Since a couple days ago i’ve been notified that the admin password is expired, implying to follow the procedure to change it. Strangely, said procedure does not seem to work properly, allegedly due to misconfiguration of the outward mail server, therefore i’m not receiving any mail for the password reset.
I’ve tried looking around the internet for some answers, but none seems to solve my problem.
Does anybody have a solution?
Thanks in advance,
Aldo Meriano.


Ciao Aldo,

thank you for testing NextCloud on NS8 alpha!

That module still lacks integration with the SMTP smarthost settings, it must be configured manually to send out mails.

Follow the NextCloud official documentation to configure a SMTP submission host.

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Hi Davide,
thanks for your kind reply.
The problem is that since the admin password has expired, I can’t log in and I don’t know the procedure to reset it.
Can you give me some advice on this.
I thank you in advance.
Aldo Meriano

I’m not a NextCloud expert and I never did it before… However this is necessary on NS8 to run the occ command in the underlying NC container:

ssh root@<your ns8 host>
ssh nextcloud1@localhost  # assuming your NC instance is "nextcloud1", but can be 2, 3...
runagent occ <your args>

From GitHub - NethServer/ns8-nextcloud: Nextcloud module for NS8

Then follow the official procedure Resetting a lost admin password — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


Hi Davide,
thanks for your kind reply, this is very useful for me to understand its architecture.
I carried out the procedure as you suggested and it asks me for a password, I assume it is that of admin, even if it has expired, unfortunately it does not allow me to access.
Do you have any other suggestions for me that might help me.
A thousand thanks.

Hi Davide,
I finally succeeded using your directions.
Initially it wouldn’t allow me access because I logged in as a user other than root.
Running the operations as root everything went as expected.
Thanks for your very valuable help.