NextCloud External Storage with AD users

NethServer Version: NS 7.3
Module: NextCloud
How can I setup External Storage in NextCloud with NS using AD users.
I can setup and access a guest share, so I know the app is working.
But, if I setup any non-guest share I cannot access no matter what Authentication I use, and I have tried every combination of username I can think of.…user@mydomain.lan…root…admin…Administrator…

User name for accessing a shared folder looks like


Uses the NetBIOS domain name, backslash and short user name.

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Ok, I guess I tried everything BUT that (although I thought I did).
@davidep Thanks so much for the awesome support!
Moreover, I was able to use the capitalized NetBios name in Domain, when setting up the external storage, and then I could use “Logged in user stored in session”, which is what I really wanted.

Thank you @wbilger, I’m writing it in the manual!