Nextcloud, can't find how to install apps/modules

NethServer Version: 7 (updated)
Module: Nextcloud

I’m afraid of looking like an idiot… hope you can forgive me for this, but I can’t absolutely find how to install additional apps/modules in Nextcloud.

I’ve login with admin user (which I have changed default password) but I can’t find the dropdown menu everybody sees at the upper left corner. Instead of 7 icons I only see 3 of them: Files, Activity and Gallery.

I have 2 Nethserver users with admin rights:

  • user “admin@mydomain” which belongs to group “domain admins@mydomain” (Nethserver administrator)
  • user “administrator@mydomain” which belongs to group “domain admins@mydomain” (as far as I remember AD administrator)

I help would be very appreciated.



Hi Sebastian,

there’s an internal nextcloud admin with password Nethesis,1234


Thanks for your help.

I read somewhere that having a user “admin” in Nethserver somewhat hides that menu for the “admin” user in Nextcloud.

Can’t remember why decided to create the Nethserver’s admin user, but have deleted it. I believed it was the same user for both servers… but it wasn’t; each one had it’s own password.

After that App menu appeared in the top right menu :blush: