Nextcloud cannot read/download file from external storage

Hi to all,
My NethServer/Nextcloud has been bound to TrueNAS as an external storage. Everything went fine, I connected to TN Share as domain user and after login to my nextcloud profile I could browse my TNas share pretty comfortably. The more so , NextCloud and TrueNAS seem to be in realtime sync and I was very satisfied with that . But, I cannot read any content , cannot download anything from external storage. Download gets up to 3-4MB and then it just get stucked or starts over till it get stuck again … Local Nextcloud content can be managed w/o any problems , but external-storage-content not at all …

Does anybody else experienced such behaviour ?

Thank you very much in advance



Yes, it’s a big bug of the 20.0.9 version.

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