Nextcloud apps on android stopped working

hello, some of my android nextcloud apps kinda stopped working. the actual NC file sync app is working, the news feed app which connects through the NC’s main app stopped fetching feeds. the gps logging app stops with the msg “server response error”.
i tried reverting the NS cert app according to this Upcoming change to default Let's Encrypt chain

which did not help. rebooted the server and phone. not sure where to look for issues, all was working a few days ago… any help would be appreciated!

Android version?

aye… android v10

The changelog of the news app says:

Note: Nextcloud 20 support will be dropped in Oct 2021

Are you affected by this or do you have another nextcloud version?
I guess you could check the nextcloud.log for related errors.

currently using NC v22.2.

wonder whats going on here… NC works, the news app is fetching feeds as expected, no errors in the NC logs. the android news client is connecting through NC filesync app and can fetch the news feed directory structure, just not the feeds, only msg i get is fetched 0 items so far…

NS: 7.9.2009
NC: 22.2
Android V10
NC android file app: 3.18.0 RC2 (no errors in log)
android news app:

just to reiterate… everything was working fine ~10 days ago, automated NS updates were installed, everything continued to work as expected - just not my android news app and a NC gps logger. i thought it might be related to

reverted to the old cert version without success.

config setprop pki LetsEncryptShortChain disabled
/usr/libexec/nethserver/letsencrypt-certs -f

removed android cache and apps / reinstalled NC file/news clients.

since i dont see any NS errors… is this even related to NS? saw a familiar post about connecting but not syncing.

happend with all android apps connecting through NC client, clearing the cache and storage of those apps solved the issue.