Nextcloud admin-account

NethServer Version: NS7RC2 / OpenLDAP as accountprovider / virtualbox VM
Module: Nextcloud

First: I installed Nexcloud after SOGo and create user admin. I was not able to access nextcloud with admin-rights. admin was recognized as normal user. The admin user is necessary for SOGo as administrator.

Second: I restored a snapshot before SOGo with out user admin and installed nextcloud. I could login with user admin and passwd Nethesis,1234 (default). This user has admin-rights, but is not shown in user-panel in GUI.

Third: I created a user admin in GUI and now I can login in nextcloud 2 times with the same “admin” but 2 different passwds. If I use admin + Nethesis,1234 I get admin-rights, if I login with admin and passwd (give in GUI) I’m recognized as normal user.

Is this ment to be this way or is this a bug? I’m a little confused now. :confused:

EDIT: I found this in users of nextcloud:

Hi @flatspin ,

No, the admin user of WebGui is a normal user in NextCloud. The admin user (same name) with password Nethesis,1234 is the administrator of nextcloud. It is not a bug.

Do not use the same password for both admin :wink:

Hi @enzoturri, thanks for answering.

I did that mistake with the same passwords allready, but could figure it out myself as not a good idea. :joy:
But I think it’s not perfekt to have 2 user with the same username and different passwords.
That’s, hmmm how to say, a little sloppy, isn’t it?

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It’s not ideal to have two users with the same name. It is not normally possible.
Surely it is a technical necessity.
Friends of @dev_team can give you more information.

Remember to mark “solved” the answer that helped you. :wink:

We need to change their name, what do you think about this?

@alep @giacomo is it doable?

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Sorry Alessio, haven’t seen this. There is the answer already. :blush:

I had problems I also the first time. Change the name to nc_admin is a good idea (if it is not a problem) :+1:

If we continue using “admin”, we don’t need to document anything :wink:

After 2 days of using, I’ve to say it’s not that bad to have it this way. You get used to it.

Maybe it would be an idea if a infobar apears after installation (similar to i.e. webtop “please visit…”) with a notice about admin user and default password. So we can everything let as is and can avoid confusion.
Something like:" Please notice, that the admin user of nextcloud is not the admin user of the system. It’s a specific user to nextcloud. Please use a different password for this second admin!"

EDIT: Just noticed that we have the same with webtop. Another different admin!
Hmmm, let’s look how many admins we will find 'till the end of the day. :smile: