Nextcloud 23 needs to be tested before to be Released

Any idea might be right. O totally wrong.

Releasing the wrong patch sometimes is worse than the bug tried to close. See Log4J as example.

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RCs! They’re coming out from the holy pages!

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hahaha, why @pike

@oneitonitram tell me if the picture don’t explain why it came that line to me…

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yes we have for now no version to release, even for v22

We need your help to release this version


Salut @stephdl

I can test the update on two sites early evening tonight.
Need to wait for the backups to be done first, but Proxmox PBS is fast… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


follow the QA, also for collabora

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upgrade to nc23 samba AD with collabora office installed from nc22 seems good :smiley:

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direct install nc23 samba AD with collabora is workable

files synchronization with nc23 seems good

its funny that the hyped nextcloud office depends on an existing installation of collabora running, then to be enable. then what gives with already existing standalone collabora intergation…

A new release appeared. 23.0.1.
May suggest to move testing on 23.0.1 release, please?

Errata corrige. I am dumb.

Sorry for an useless post, 23.0.1 is already testing.

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you are prudent and it is a quality :smiley:

As Mr Bloch says, I trust Bad Luck Only.

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23.02 is out with bug fixes

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Braves are welcome