Nextcloud 23 needs to be tested before to be Released

Nextcloud 23 has officially been released Release v23.0.0 · nextcloud/server (

Nextcloud team is at it Again with the New Release

They now call this Version 2 of Nextcloud Hub. that way many releases in a single year for nextcloud. but its a good things.

Now they have added Nextcloud Office. my question is, does it install a fully fledged collabora like office suite within the software?
And Finally an Official Appointments Integration

Well let’s find out, Looking forward to testing NC 23 on Nethserver.

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This seem the right page to start reading…


Another version? Yay… :unamused:

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“December Special”. Ready for February Advanced.

The new features sound cool. Question is, do they work? The Nextcloud folks seem to be much better at introducing features than at having them actually work reliably. But I have it installed and running using my TrueNAS script.


This new release seems interesting, but I’d wait a little bit, regressions are always just round the corner :smiley:


No harsh feelings, but NextCloud development took “release early, release now” motto a bit too by the book.

Heym i beleive it has to do more with their Enterprise clinets than an internal decision.
From what i see and seems from the creator/CEO i think they would rather have one major releases per year and say 2 minor. but in this case, 3 major releases in one year. well well well.

but the good thing is that, this release also helped collabora improve their software version loading of components.

I don’t have any insights of development and release policy, moreover on connections between project and enteprise customers.
However, a “dubious” upgrade path with so short steps among versions for allowing a seamless upgrade experience, releasing so often “major versions” is not a nice way to present themselves.
Moreover, considering the hiccups already happened while upgrading, no one who steadily relies on NextCloud can afford to have not a “test installation” for verify any upgrade available before using on the production system.

you never know maybe they are following Microsft Approach of deploying

Which indeed changed from “two major release par year” to “one major release par year” for both OSes.
Same releases, same resources, two OSes.
And AMD complaining about the scheduler.

truth be told, even for me who is a sucker for new features and functions,
for a prodcut like nextcloud, i would prefer a single Major release per Year. preferably towards the end of the year. and smaller feature releases in between. that don’t touch the core.

But, what say me,… nothing you can do about it.
on another note. ill leave this here:

HI all,
i’m newby on NethServer and I wolud like to know if NextCloud release 23 will be delivered as upgrade or we need to reinstall and restore configuration.



Hi Roberto

So far with NethServer 7.x it’s always been posible to simply update the Server. Nextcloud would be updated as soon as the module was “ready” for NethServer…

I don’t think this time will be any different…

My 2 cents

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Hi Andy,
thanks for your answer. I use NH server and NexCloud for my family and yesterday I have an issue with sync on desktop app that replicate old data (is not connected from 2 month).
If i used backup funtion described on NextCloud new feature i can restore only data and not entire VM.

I will await the release of the NH Nextcloud 23 module.

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FWIW, quite shocked than NextCloud project “contained themselves” into releasing 23.0.0 in december… and no .0.x version came along in more than 1 month! I don’t know if that’s a record, but i’m just hoping that projects is polishing a bit more the “major upgrades” release (finally? :wink: )

Aaand… I’m wrong.
RC1 for .0.1 delivered 5 days ago. I can hear the paper and the wrap moving for the next package…

@biroby are you having the issue even with App 3.4.1?

overall, v 23 was abit more stable compared to other previous releases.
though no software release is without issues for any software system(maybe airline softwares)

but they take over 20 years for updates to occur after intensive testing.

and the best tester is the user, people have different servers running different configs with dfferent parameters, its ussually impossible to account for them all.

Did anyone try to update or put it into nethserver-testing?

I think we are waiting the 23.0.1 that it was still in RC last week

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its taking forever. but updating 23.01 from 2 should be easier than 22 to 23. in my mind

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