Nextcloud 18 is here with OnlyOffice

A couple of initial thoughts.

Works with self signed certs? I would assume so.
Integrated OnlyOffice not as ‘robust’ as ‘standalone’ install?
Installs with Collabora upgraded to 18 should have a msg should someone attempt to install available OnlyOffice package?

Seems there are a few things for us to consider with our integrated install.


Thanks for the heads up. Here’s the link with release info and user’s comments:

I’d assume the same for self-signed certificates, but on the issue tracker for the community document server there’s at least one user having problems with them.

Integrated OnlyOffice is said to do not have all the features of onlyoffice document server, but don’t know which features are trimmed down.

Collabora an OnlyOffice can co-exist on the same server if I’m not mistaken (resource usage would be one possible concern). I’d guess there won’t be such message, rather some notification to activate OnlyOffice and other featured apps after Nextcloud upgrade regardless of the presence of Collabora.


Some changes in OnlyOffice DocumentServer CE 5.5.0: