Nextcloud 13 upgrade

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.4.1708 (Final)

Hi Team,

I know Nextcloud 13 has just been released but where could I find the roadmap on when testing will be started/finished to include Nextcloud 13 on Nethserver? I have a test Nethserver and would like to see how Nextcloud 13 will work if testing if open for the community to participate.

Thank you,

Thank you for pointing it out!

We didn’t start any work on Nextcloud 13, but of course we will integrate it (I don’t know when).
I’d like also to hardening the current installation along with some improvements like enabling cache.

Please, feel free to join with your contribution!

Take a look at:


Thanks @giacomo for this reply!

I have used Nethserver wiki to tweak my Nethserver thanks to this post - Help documenting Nextcloud performance tweaking.

I agree that I would like to see these tweaks applied by default.

I also use this site to confirm my Nextcloud is patched and secure -

With the tweaks applied by the Nethserver wiki, and keeping my Nextcloud on Nethserver fully upgraded I can achieve a rating of A from scan.nextcloud. The only hardening I’m missing to achieve an A+ rating is cookie injection (_Host prefix mitigates cookie injection vulnerabilities within potential third-party software sharing the same second level domain. It is an additional hardening on top of ‘normal’ same-site cookies).

I’ll definitely join to help out in any way I can.

Thank you.


Nextcloud 13 is ready to be tested thanks to @alep!


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