Newbie here with no internet connection :-(

now i used a cable directly from the ISP modem to my nethserver, no avail either, so i assume, it is NOT the cabling. No virtualization, bare metal.

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You mean Squid Web proxy? That one isn’t enabled.

Yes, I meant squid.

Did you add firewall rules?

db fwrules show

Is ip forwarding enabled?

[root@server ~]# sysctl -a | grep ip_forward
net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1

Does it work if you clear the firewall?

shorewall clear

To enable it again:

signal-event firewall-adjust

Well, i couldn’t hardly wait to figure out, what’s going on. In the meanwhile, after swapping cables and connectors on patch panel and on wall socket, i gave it a shot at hooking up isp modem to a different wall socket, and connecting a different port on the patch panel, to a quite long RJ45 cable to be able to put my firewall pc on the desk, to hook it up to my display.

After reinstalling and forgetting to save the nic prefs, i had to reboot, because it took as a IP address and didn’t want to do this manually in the shell. so i reinstalled one more time.

This time it showed the ip of my firewall within the ISP modem, and it was able, after i setup the correct interface to the iprange of ISP modem / gateway, to display a quite correct time and date, so i could just select my timezone and voila. At the moment it looks like it is working now, and neither the cables nor the patchpanel had problems, but the wall socket with 2 RJ45 jacks.

Will see, it takes some time to install the system, and to test it, shut it down and put it back into the 19" reconnect it to all cables and reboot.

Will keep you posted. Never thought, it could be the wall socket, but everything else. And never heard, that this one went bad before. Hmmm.

Thank you all for helping out and Let’s hope the best. As soon as the nethserver is back in the rack and working (or not, what i hope, will not happen), i’ll get back to you guys.

Best and thanks again.


Cold/imperfect welding
Barely compliant contact.
Too loose socket
Sometimes having a dumb small switch for testing purposes can pinpoint which side is playing jokes.

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Well, never had a bad wall socket. But, i am glad, i figured it out, in the end, but if you guys wouldn’t have helped me, i wouldn’t even got the idea to double check that one, because, if everything fails, the most unlikely possiblity would have to be looked into…

But again, thank you indeed all ery much, haven’t seen such a cool community in ages.