New to Nethserver and hitting brick walls

**NethServer Version:7

I am addiing it to a domain to experiment. Its a Windows Server essentails.

I have done an installation from a DVD but I have no applications.
After fighting around I have found there is no internet connection
I have now set up my DNS server and NS lookup works.
Ping does not so I cant use YUM. traceroute stops after the router which is a Draytek. Ive played with settintgs but I cant see anything obvious.

Problem 2
I thought I would join the domain to play with eventually roming profiles. I can Join OK but it wants LDAP settings and I dont have these setup with WServer, can I join the domain without?

I have just been checking at if I stop or clear sjhorewall it makes no difference but I realised that I started without a network lead during the installation and the NIC went to which is our router. I changed this to 1.7 and I wondered if it remembers the old IP somewhere.

Hi Fiona,

Are you using 1 or 2 nethwork cards ?