New Nextcloud module

How about use NEXTCLOUD instead of owncloud in NS7?
may be it will be better?


Well, maybe! Do you know why it should be better?

Enterprise function of owncliud in nextcloud? Nextcloud want get money only for suuport not for function.
I think it is better than owncloud


We have discussed it before, I already got an eye on the project but I’m in two minds about replacing ownCloud with Nextcloud. I have no problem trying to install on NethServer or developing a new module
What about using our new virtualhost module?
I know @alep is very interested in the matter

Thank you. Virtual host is working now for me good. No problem

I ll be waiting your decision about nextcloud
I think only try to use it we can recomend use or not it.
Like use webtop or sogo

Me @alep and @Stll0 have decided to give a try at NextCloud using our brand-new virtualhost module.
Who wants to join us? @dnutan @Walter_Schoenly @Newser @fasttech @vores
Stefano do you have some notes to start?

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I’m game, I’m inclined to follow the principal dev behind the *cloud, so that means I’ll be leaning towards nextcloud myself, they’ve also just lately rebranded an ios app so that covers that.

But, from the standpoint of using the virtualhost module to install nextcloud instead of having a nextcloud module, then why do we need an owncloud module, why not just point the owncloud install to the virtualhost module as well, then we can run nextcould and owncloud in NS and watch the fight. :grinning:
I can’t remember for sure but I don’t believe they’re using the same default data dir.

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I want to try nextcloud

While I’m sure you could use the virtualhost setup for nextcloud. Since it is a fork of Owncloud, we know there are other background pieces that would need to be configured for items such as collaborative document management, and LDAP/AD integration. It would be helpful to have a module that get’s those pieces in place for us.


Just try NextCloud on NS 7!


Nice to know it will be ready to go in the next release.

Super cool @giacomo works great, and with a win 10 desktop client.


and with the ios app, server pushed thumbnails!

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Just to know! :slight_smile:


wow! :heart_eyes::thumbsup:

Nice! Thanks for the update.

As mentioned above we’re testing new NextCloud packages.
Do you want to help us?

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-nextcloud nextcloud

Follow these tests and report your results there:


nethserver-nextcloud has been left the testing phase.

I’ve been installed the new release nethserver-nextcloud-1.0.0-1.ns7.noarch, configured it with an external ldap (another NethServer machine) and it works great !

Thanks to @giacomo !


I just installed nextcloud on Nethserver 7 beta#, which port is the web interface on? The Nethserver documentation page does not give that information.

You should try with: