New Module Error Saving


I was thinking of adding a new UI module to handle my hostapd config file, instead of having to do it by hand. I followed the tutorial and I was able to get all the UI elements I wanted, but whenever I try to save the settings I get the following error;

Task completed with errors

I then tried using just the example code provide in the repo, but it always comes up with the same error. Any one know what I need to do for data to be saved?


you need to dig in the logs and to post here the error message…
what you’re posting here (coming from WEB GUI) is just “it doesn’t work”, pretty useless :wink:

Yeah, I didn’t know if it was a common issue.
Which log is recommended, there doesn’t appear to be anything shown the messages log? Is there a way of enabling PHP debug logs? I’m not very familiar with PHP, I normally work in C++.

take a look ad /var/log/http/*

to enable php debug logs I think you need a custom fragment, just give me 3 minutes

Just located this in the error logs.

Oct 17 14:58:11 neth httpd-admin: [ERROR] Nethgui\System\NethPlatform: process on queue post-process exited with code 2: /usr/libexec/nethserver/ptrack -j -s ‘/var/run/ptrack/ff41fd2e33a9a2622ba76ed83b617465.sock’ -d ‘/var/spool/ptrack/0d24dfe47ba682f4.dump’ – /usr/bin/sudo -n /sbin/e-smith/signal-event ‘nethserver-myserver-save’

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Is that event defined?

Apologies, I don’t think I’ve defined it. I followed the example provided in the wiki. Where do I define the event?

Create an empty dir under

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Thank You!
Hopefully, I’ll be able to progress a little now :slight_smile:

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I am interested in how this is going.
Please, share with us your achivements