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Oh i see now. Thank you for that. I suppose in the meantime, for those who want to run mastodon behind NS7 shall we just have to wait for the time being? Or should we play around with NS8?

As regards NS7, we could use something like Nginx proxy manager to redirect to Mastodon/NethServer or use Docker with macvlan so Mastodon has it’s own IP.
NS8 is the future and provides a modern proxy (traefik), so yes, we should play around with it.

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Hi all,

If someone is using Rocky Linux, as Stephdl, for NS-8, there is a example to install Mastodon:

How to Install Mastodon Social Network with Docker on Rocky Linux 9



Very detailed instructions, thanks–though it looks like it includes their own AWS credentials. Now to see if I can put it behind Caddy as a reverse proxy…