New kid in town:

Hi all,

me and my friend @alefattorini want to introduce :wink: It is a new machine, serving this community and the RPM development process.

To ease the development process, starting from 6.7, every developer can upload an RPM to testing and nethforge-testing YUM repositories.

From the development process point of view, the developer can move an issue from MODIFIED to ON_QA state. [Yes, we need to update that documentation page].

To gain access to you have to send me your public SSH key (usually ~/.ssh/ on Linux systems). I’ll give back further informations about how to play with it!

Before releasing an official how-to, I’d prefer gather your experience and feedback. We’re waiting you!


Clearly, that’s a BIG step forward for our development process! Everyone could be actively involved in such experience, you can build your own package, push it on the repository and ask people to install and test it.

My proposal is: every member of dev_team can have his own key and the power :zap:

Howto become a dev_team member? As in all other teams asking to dev_team coordinator (open position so far), submitting a merged PR or patch is warmly appreciated :smile:

How does that sound?
/cc @giacomo @filippo_carletti, @alep, @stephdl, @Stll0 @Nas @dz00te @Ctek


good job :smiley:

I’m curious on the technical side, can you explain a bit more which software you take ???

do you use Koji ???

3 Likes does not run build system, like Koji. It is a shell script waiting for RPMs with inotify.

When RPMs are uploaded (via sftp) it validates the dependencies, adds the GPG signature and runs createrepo.

The source code is in a private git repository. I still have some security concerns and prefer keep it closed.

It is deployed to with Ansible, so we can easily replicate the environement on different machines.

Do you want to check it out?


Do I need to sign my rpm before to push a rpm to @giacomo @davidep

No, the signature is added automatically!


second question

I’m pushing a new version of sogo to nethforge-testing, how to remove the old version 3.2.4

Higher versions override older ones: it’s the usual yum behavior!

Last question but I believe I recall the answer, the path of nethforge-testing to nethforge is a new upload or i can do a cp by a shell ?

Only sftp is available. IIRC upload to