New howto structure (proposal)


name and description :
first category : Nethserver Configuration Howtos (self explanatory):
Howtos , not necessarily “for dummies” as difficulty, produced entirely with packages/configurations provided by Nethserver ESPECIALLY using the WebUI

second category : Nice To Have ( wanted features for the developer team ) :
Howtos that integrate external components (strictly rpm) to Nethserver and that they can produce new packages for the development team (as happened BackupPc for instance)

third category : Proof of Concept ( research features , not necessarily intended to future development ):
Research howtos understood in the pure sense of the word … or functionalities not yet present in Nethserver , that could not have already an external rpm and pointing to advanced and experimental features : like High Avaliability, clustering, LDAP shared between many server etc…

All howtos must be verified by the team and will be pinned for categories to not lose them in the chaos of posts

All users must first post a howto proposal in the appropriate section within each level , explaining their work, the benefits it could lead to Nethserver and, obviously , how they intend to develop it; at this point the community will decide if it is something that may be useful or not

Thank you for your proposal.
However I sincerely have my doubts if it is necessary to go by such strict rules. NethServer is an open community where everybody is encouraged to contribute. By adopting such rules I fear the openness will be heavily compromised.

The main idea for NethServer community is adopting a philosophy that if someone is willing to do the work, it will be allowed, following the example of the opensuse policy

At first glance I would not be in favor of your proposal. Please explain if and why I am completely wrong in my opinion.

tks… bro have a nice day !!!

I don’t really think the forum is a good place for how-tos at all. It’s a good place to discuss desired features, and work through how they might be implemented, but reading a 100-post thread to figure out how to install and use Horde, for example, isn’t very efficient. And having a ton of pinned posts makes the rest of the discussions harder to find/follow. Once the process is pretty well hammered out, IMO, the content should be moved to the wiki. It could be categorized there as you describe (which I think does have merit), but that’s where the repository should be.

@danb35: I agree fully with that. That’s why we crafted the procedure in a few steps:

  • feature request in features section In this topic we discuss the feature, any alternatives.
  • Howto in howto section Where we can iron out any problems in the initial howto. Maybe add some features that are not there by default (config options, add-ons etc)
  • Final Howto in our Wiki
  • if applicable, creation of a module for the application.

If someone creates a howto which is by consensus a working howto, the howto can be added to our wiki. In principle this should be done by the initial writer, but if someone else steps up to do so, that is encouraged too. As long it is communicated with all parties involved there should be no problem in who is creating the howto in the wiki.

sr bro… i thinh next time i will focus on my topic and change to other disscusion

It have been the procedure so far.

Thanks for your proposal
As @robb already said the procedure has been quite straightforward so far

  • someone writes an howto
  • people comment
  • author refines the howto thanks to people feedback, collecting info and suggestions
  • once the howto is complete and “ready” it’s moved to the wiki

The howto topic remains here for further discussions