New column in pop3 connector table

:pray: what do you think about adding at least a third column to the pop3 commector table with the account name of the local user that will receive the downloaded messages? :pray:
Maybe also others columns could be useful, like:
delete mail (from server) | SSL | Enabled



do you mean to add such fields only for information purpose, don’t you?

Please, can you make a mock? Or could you modify a screenshot?

@zamboni yes of course, only to have a general view

i know i must be more clear, but sometimes for me is difficult even in my native language :slight_smile:
@ale this is my modified screenshot of Pop3 Connector > Account Tab


|    Account     |       Actions       |
| email addressA | Disable/Edit/Delete |
| email addressB | Disable/Edit/Delete |
| email addressC | Disable/Edit/Delete |

to something like:

| Account |       Actions       | Local User | SSL | Protocol | Delete | Enabled |
| email A | Disable/Edit/Delete | user1      | Yes | pop3     | yes    | no      |
| email B | Disable/Edit/Delete | user2      | No  | imap     | yes    | yes     |
| email C | Disable/Edit/Delete | user1      | Yes | imap     | no     | no      |

or maybe better (if Disabled we can see in actions column):

|    Account     | Local User | SSL | Protocol | Delete |       Actions       |
| email addressA | user1      | Yes | pop3     | yes    | Disable/Edit/Delete |
| email addressB | user2      | No  | imap     | yes    | Disable/Edit/Delete |
| email addressC | user1      | Yes | imap     | no     | Disable/Edit/Delete |

what do you think?

update: to get the idea of what i mean

Add/remove columns it’s quite simple.
Instead, adding a new button requires a little bit of extra work.

Is there anyone else interested in this enchantment?

It sounds interesting otherwise you have to click every account to know the current configuration.
Mockup is really cool! Thanks @dz00te

Folks if you are interested like the first @dz00te post :smile: therefore it can climb this ranking

not really a mockup… sorry i’m not able to use any graphic software (or to draw anything) :frowning:
so after the unsuccessful ascii art, i added the columns in Accounts.php + screenshot

to all: :pray: Vote for this incredibly useful enhancement (at least for me :slight_smile: )

Like your try, thanks for the “graphic” mockup! People, if you want it, reply to this topic and like the first @dz00te post! :smile:

Due to the great success of the request, I opened a Enhancement on redmine and a pull request :grin:


From the changelog, I see that the original author of nethserver-fetchmail is @giacomo, I’m waiting for his approval of the pull request.
I like it.

Way to go @dz00te! Hope @giacomo agrees to merge it

The pull request seems good to me.

Only one note: YES and NO values are not translated. Do you want to translate them?

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oh yes you’re right, I’ll try
but I have never used php, perl and git, only a little of python and svn
so, be patient :slight_smile: :pray:

IMHO we can leave it without translation :smile:

Yes i agree, but i’ve already submitted another pull request. If you don’t like it feeling free to trash it :smile:

Pull request is now merged, rpm for testing will be available in all mirrors starting from tomorrow.


Thanks @dz00te!

I know that I should not test it myself, but the changes are minimal, so i could not resist and i’ve tested it… :grin:

You’re right but I already tested it :smile:

The update will be available since tomorrow:

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Implemented and released.

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