New Centos 7.6 update

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Hi guys,

Anyone can rapport which NS modules are not compatible with latest Centos 7.6.
Like can be seen in the community dovecot is a issue for now.
Anyone have more problems?
IDS for example? or AD or ldap? libvirt?

I’m specially interesting in libvirt. I still use NS module for virtual machines management. Sadly abandoned project :frowning: In new CentOS we have a big shift about that.
Trying to avoid mess after automatic NS update.
Email mess was enough for me and my customers already.
Anyone can advise on that one?

Due to a bug in the yum-cron/NsReleaseLock feature those who enabled the automated updates found a bad surprise today: their systems were updated to CentOS 7.6 by the daily cron job.

The NethServer 7.6 beta is still under testing/development, however some problems can be fixed by upgrading to it, as explained here: Unexpected (auto-)update to 7.6.1810

To avoid problems, I suggest to disable automated updates and review the updates manually expecially when upstream wants to release a new minor version.

For any doubt, wait for NethServer 7.6.1810 “final” to be ready.

Sorry Davidep this is only way to talk on this modaretet community ok so what do you think about this one -NS great soft /open source/when we can avoid altorani/ on the end of the day you got your users/ they do update/ this will fuckup sorry for the language but they will do this issues and on the end of the day you think that we are providing proper support?

of course I’m apologizing for my language. I already know who is developer here

And so happy that get your attention on the line.
So NS is home lab software?
Because if we take some responsibilities probably we should do something different like don’t use this CentOs update. We can push it that way to admins!

We already had this conversation for 7.5 in May '18. We said automated updates are dangerous. We developed a new feature for 7.5 with “Software origin policy = locked”.

Today we discovered a bug in automated updates. I’m sorry if it caused troubles. We provided support, and workarounds. We’ll fix the bug, as usual trying to do the things at our best.

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I’m already on this community like troll.
No one buck my on the issues when all of us have this issues
I can understand responsibility about the =locked functionality
But in the same time we don’t like to use latest software?
If this distro is developed in business then for example email! is not important?
Why don’t push to all the users/admins in email in the same time"don’t do it" this is not production envy