New badge request

AFACS there should be a new badge/award for the community.
There’s expecially one user which has the constant habit to meme a lot of topics.
So, @alefattorini should be awarded with the “MemeAbuser” Badge…


I love that! Can I reply with a meme? :slight_smile:
BTW great idea. I’m creating it, can you pick up a good icon from this page?

Yes you can (as the former POTUS said many times) but you probably look like the tech that answered “With an email message” to the IT manager that asked: “How can we warn the users that the broken mail server will be offline for at least 4 hours?”

Sometimes fire is not a good option to put out fire. :wink:

You asked for a good icon but i cannot find perfect match for the badge into that page
A close one seems this
but… i think it still don’t get the point.

et voilà!

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