New Arm category?

It seems that a lot of discussions about arm are coming. What do you think if we add a sub-category Arm to the existing #development cat?
@mark_nl is up to you re-categorize the past discussions :smiley:


Great idea! :+1:

Will do so after #Development Arm is available.


What about using a tag?

The development category is not used so much… We just removed “testing” as category

What will happen to other categories when arm arch is released?

IMO binding arm to dev cayegory suggests that arm is something that is only for developers. And adding subcategories everywhere, like dev/arm bug/arm support/arm feature/arm is messy.

Instead using a tag helps to search, find, understand in a much more simple way.

We already have similar use cases: v6, v7, testing

…so just keep on using the arm tag too!

I agree with this. Development arm is a trending topic right now, hopefully not trending as soon as possible.

This being said the tagging method has it’s weak points because the tag is not validated i.e you can write what-ever-you-want.; I mean just a few valid tag’s one might use to refer to “arm”:
arm, arm32, armv7, aarch32, armv7hl, armhfp, arm64, armv8, aarch64.

I think @alefattorini can give you enough rights to fix the tags also in topics from other people. The “correct classification” issue arises also if you have a complex taxonomy of categories to apply: it’s the library science!

For this reason I prefer a flat taxonomy with few categories (that’s easier to use) and tagging. But I might be wrong…

As you may have noticed my point is not against ARM, but about how to configure our forum software.

Somewhere in the process I’ve already earned the right to do this. :sunglasses:

Maybe I was not clear, I agree with you being a passionate advocate for flat data(base) models with indexes to order them. Do not try to craft that “well-crafted” catogorizing system which at the end never seems to fit.
_ but, always but _
We do not offer hints or a learning experience to tag your topic in a appropriate manner. @dnutan does a great job in keeping it tidy! I’d like tagging to be more intuitive.
Moreover i’ve just found out how to filter on a tag; AFIAK the only way is to open a post with a appealing tag and then click on it. Please tell me a better way, i mean this I do not know,

Did not cross my mind your point was against ARM :grinning:

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Yes we need people that help to keep the things tidy, like dnutan!

My experience with the bugtracker suggests that a review step is required to make tag and categories consistent.

About differences between tag and categories in this forum software I discovered this old thread

It seems they finally implemented it: go to #arm tag!

One little request though, make it blue; I’ll bet is more appealing to click on vs #v7 (which is the most used tag)

I’d prefer it black. They surely already discussed it! …but blue should be possible as CSS can be customized.

Proposal: let’s spread the tag usage with the hash syntax. For instance when we write of #arm #activedirectory #accounts-provider #nextcloud … by using the hash we communicate how to tag too

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Ok we go for a tag trying to clean arm tags