Network Scanner Integration with Web Interface

@filippo_carletti we talked at the fosdem to integrate nmap to nethserver-diagtools

What do you think @alefattorini @davidep


What about arp-scan, I’ve read some prefer it.

Reading this

I saw arp-scan is designed to scan on your subnet branch, arp are not routable but it seems that arp sent packet might see a host with a firewall.

Nmap could find Alive hosts outside of your network.

Why do you prefer it rather than nmap, have you a specific needed feature?

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No particular preference, just read it scanned machines a bit faster than nmap. Some people appeared to prefer it when I looked up ip scanners. one colleague like features he found on “Fing” which has a user friendly design. Personally I have no preference as long as it gets all the IPs (and ideally verbose data for identification purposes) it doesn’t matter.

Good read BTW. Thanks for enlightening me.

arp-scan that I didn’t was aware before, is nice on several features

  • quick scan really
  • output well formatted
  • know more constructor mac address

but it cannot scan outside of its network, I just tried it

The question is how many of people here gets many networks on several NIC

nmap is something like the standard for scanning. I’d prefer it.
Great idea to integrate it in diagtools. Love it! :slight_smile:

I think that arp-scan fits better.

yep my first tests are good, I would be pleased to look in this direction. Because arp, you must use it only on a green network of nethserver. This leads to create a radiobutton of all green NIC and choose it to ping and see all alive hosts.

I played a bit with arp-scan. With arp-scan -I br0 -localnet I’ve the problem, that my NS7 ( is not reported, although the nsdc ( is reorted. With nmap -sn both are shown as alive. arp-scan reports 27 hosts alive, nmap reports 28 hosts alive. Any idea why?

because you used arp-scan on your NS, and it cannot ping itself, when I use arp-scan on my fedora laptop I have something similar, the laptop’s IP is not displayed.

Maybe you can dive in the man to see if there is a setting for that.

I read the manual, but I found no setting to display it’s own address.

We already know who we are. :slight_smile:
I’d add one line at top of the list containing something like:
our green ip - mac - vendor (this system)

Code to get relevant data (mac and vendor) can be copied from the dashboard.

Lucky the one who knows himself :wink:

Love the idea of integrating NMap into NS, I tend to use NMap / Zenmap often when securing new servers and testing security of existing network infrastructures.

Adding this tool to nethserver-diatools would be great. I prefer arp-scan too

How tricky would it be to have an option arp-scan or nmap. Perhaps having arp-scan as default for speed. At least for the Green interface. The well formatted output and more info is tempting. The Internal address of the server are already known to itself so not sure how great the advantage is for seeing your own IP through nmap. It seems to me the biggest challenge is designing a smooth streamlined interface.

got it workable, arp-scan is going to nethserver-diagtools

released in arp-scan, tests are welcome


I guess we can close this and move our tests on

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