Network error nethserver 7

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: Samba

Hi all, I recently went to nethserver 7, before I used nethserver 6.8 that didn’t give any kind of problem.
Now with nethserver 7, My computers often disconnect themselves from the network, causing problems that are: Computers don’t connect to the internet and their don’t find shared folders on samba.
Logs in / messages spammed this error:

Some solution?
Thank you all, regards.

Do you have a WINS server configured? Do your clients require a WINS server?

IIRC nethserver 7 does not act as WINS server (by default). WINS is not recommended (by Microsoft) and in Active Directory DNS is required.

I set the server wins to share folders, the wins address is passed to clients via dhcp, but I do not understand what is the problem.

@davidep Can you explain what the problem is?

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@michele reports client networking problems. I see some attempts to talk to a WINS server in the attached log excerpt. He confirms the DHCP server pushes a WINS configuration.

I have no idea what the problem is, but I think WINS should not be used at all.

@davidep So should i remove the wins from dhcp?

If you can remove it, I suggest so…

The problem seems to be resolved, but the following messages continue to be spammed in the logs:

I guess it depends on individual clients. Perhaps they stop to spam when their leases are renewed. Let’s wait and see…

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After a few days, the network seems to be better but spam in the logs continues to persist.