Network does not work after first system install

NethServer Version: 7
Module: your_module

Hello, how are you?

I am new in Nethserver but, after read about it, seem very good. So, I did try install in one pc. Ok to install by static IP. After reboot the system, network does not works. In terminal did the command:


the system does not recognize the command.
In other test I did install it in VM (oracle VM) and works nice!

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From command line try this:

db networks set NICName ethernet role green ipaddr netmask gateway onboot yes bootproto static

signal-event interface-update

NICName : is the device name of your network card (for example eth0 enp0s0) : it’s the IP to assign to your nethwork card : it’s the Netmask to assign to your network card : it’s the IP gateway of your lan

Then go to in cockpit or interface-manager, check and optionally reconfigure your lan interface configuration

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still not works!
I follow your steps but not works

thanks attention


@Douglas_G_Oechsler i don’t know if network-recovery addon has been already slipstreamed into the Iso Image.
@davidep what could you say about that?

Anyway, most of the times is… a bad first setup. NethServer is not difficult to install, but its’ “not that easy”, mostly of because it’s intended to “people who knows what they are doing”, at least a bit.
I had some issues with network cards, during last test setup (an old PC with an older IBM/Intel 10/100 Card…


right. But, this test pc is not too old. I use it for other tests works and distros and it works fine. Ok, I can try switch for other card.

Thank you

Please, share some information…
Your environment, your hardware, the configuration you gave to NethServer…

I confirm it was released after ISO 7.7. A newly installed system still needs to be updated to get it working.

hello @pike

Its normal PC - Intel I5 3 generation, 8 GB Ram, SSD 120 GB and sata 160 GB (to study for nextcloud users files, AD), 1 offboard card 100 MB and 1 onboard 100 MB.

I can not understand why in live mode installation, the system “see” the card, let put IP, netmask, gateway and etc (at gui installation mode, it shows “ok” for network) and after reboot does not recognize.

Can you post the networkconfiguration after the reboot. Copy paste the outcome of ifconfig please.
Any info from /var/log/messages?

Details about the cards, please?

100 MBit NICs are truly ancient, and support for many has been dropped from Linux in recent years–GbE has been out for 20 years, and has been nearly universal for at least 15. So this could be part of your problem.

This could also be part of the problem; unless something has changed recently, Neth ignores network settings made during the installation. It’s poor behavior, IMO, but it is what it is. The expected workflow is to install the system, boot, let the NIC pick up an IP via DHCP, and then configure it through the neth GUI.


hello, now I get other machine. The same problem! It is not possible do system update because the networks does not works after installation reboot. In terminal after command ip a:
at the installation I configured: our gateway: and dns: and more

and ping for example:
result at:
network unreachable

This seems a known anaconda glitch. You will have to manualy configure the interface after reboot.
See The IP set during a clean installation is changed after the first reboot
There are 2 ways to reconfigure the interface:

  • After the reboot on the console of the server do the command given by @saitobenkei in post Network does not work after first system install
  • After the reboot, connect the server to a switch, connect your pc/laptop to the same switch. Give the pc/laptop a (static) IP address in the same subnet as the serverwith server IP ( as gw and log into servermanager by pointing your browser to (old servermanager) or (new servermanager). Then use servermanager to reconfigure the interface to the IP address you need.
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@robb and all

Some more information
1 - I did new install in other hardware
2 - First card: Ethernet Realtek 811/8168/0411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (this card I use to install system in static mode)
3 - Second card: Qualcomm Atheros AR 8151 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (onboard card)
4 - The installation go OK but, after first reboot installation the “first card” stop blink or I do not know stop works.
5 - I follow the way: connect the server to a switch and laptop. The lights from card server no blink and of course at the switch side no.
6 - So, from laptop can not access the server to do changes.

I would like to use Nethserver here, it seems great. Now days we use OMV since 2015 but after read about Nethserver we want test It to use in production.


When that happens another option is to run dhclient to get a new IP address.

To preserve network settings from installation:


The default IP address comes from nethserver-base-initializa-db


@dnutan owwwwwwww

Thank you for help. Now works well. My fault in do not read doc with attention.
Thanks for all


When connected you can switch to a fixed IP address of your choice.
That was what I was about to mention: During install do not provide a static IP, but instead leave default (automatic/DHCP) setting. When ready installing you will see the URL’s where you can connect with both old and new servermanager.
Then from servermanager you can set static IP addresses for any interface available.

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