Network configuration

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: network

I got nethserver running on xenserver, adding 2 virtual nics. eth0 as red (ip public assign staticly), eth1 as lan (static ip ). eth0 work perfectly. I can access GUI from eth0. but eth1 seems like not configured i cant ping IP that i put on eth1.

Can you describe a little more your setup?
Also, can you provide the outcome of this command:

db networks show

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@dnutan if you mean my nethserver setup, it’s fresh install server without any applications. if you ask about the network setup, this is my network setup. iam using 1 switch to distribute either IP public / private for server and users (unmanaged). So i can configure PC (server/users)with private / public IP.
on nethserver iam using only 1 NIC assign with private IP, but i set nethserver as guest OS with 2 virtual NICs, so i can use 1 for private and the other is for public IP.

fyi, i have debian and ubuntu running on same xenserver. i put 2 NICs on them, i can use 2 NICs as like they are physically attached. i did some configuration to make IP public work, i configure default route on which eth that i assign the IP public. Should i do the same to nethserver? but idk how to do it with command line or gui base.

provider=xDSL provider

Please answer all 4 questions. It gives more insight to your situation.

How is your eth1 connected to your LAN?
Is NethServer DHCP server?
Do clients get an IP address in the same subnet as eth1
If you can connect to eth0, from where (on the network) and with what IP address do you cennect to eth0 to access the webinterface?

  1. it’s virtual attached on same NICs in host OS (xenserver)
  2. no, i’am using a router as DHCP server
  3. yes,’s from my PC with private IP network. iam using the Public IP to connect the webinterface

How is your xenserver physically attached to your network?
How are your clients attached to your LAN?
Is eth1 VLAN tagged for the rest of the LAN?
Do you use a switch for the rest of your LAN and how and where is it attached to your server?
Could you make a simple scheme or drawing of your network?

If you use a router for DHCP and you have NethServer configured as router too, you have 3 different subnets. What are those 3 subnets? More specific: what is the subnet used by your router?

thank you @robb

i think this picture will explain it to you, no vlan.

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A picture says more than thousand words :+1:

Maybe my networking skills are too simple, but to be frank I have absolutely no clue what exactly you want to accomplish.
In your drawing I don’t see any way to connect NethServer VM directly to the internet. But still you configure ETH0 as PPPoE, meaning it will get a direct IP from your ISP.
As I see your drawing, your modem and your router connect to 2 (different) internet connections.
IMO, to make this work you should create 2 RED interfaces on your Nethserver VM, 1 connceting to your router and one connecting to your Modem.
Then a GREEN interface on your NethServer VM should connect to your switch. Then from your switch you can connect any other device such as cabled pc’s, Accesspoints, printers etc.,…

As I interpret what you would like to accomplish (2 internet connections and using NethServer as a gateway with multiWAN. You will need at least 3 network interfaces, either physical or virtual.


@robb says in a picture:

i want to make mail server&AD with nethserver, so nethserver should be able to access from external… well i could not explain it better. thank you @robb & @mark_nl
but in my term, if my debian & ubuntu server could work well with the topology i share, why nethserver can not. wish me luck

You are Welcome, that’s this forum is for.

Thinking about your setup I can only recommend to reconsider it once more and invest in at least one extra NIC to separate wan (red) from lan (green) completely. Your setup looks very vulnerable to me, especially your fallback modem worries me.
Also the location of your firewall and Network Allocation Table is unclear, I assume it is in your internet router.

It is good to understand nethserver will act as an firewall/gateway if you set up a red and green interface. This means (as @robb said) red and green must have different subnets.

By the way is the subnetmask of your green interface (eth0) of (192.168.xx.0/22) intentional? (it will boardcast on a wider subnet as xx, maybe here your ping is lost.)

Note :
You are planning to setup an nethserver-dc, in your network configuration it means you have to setup dns records in your router. For a easy setup of nethserver-dc it is highly recommended to setup your nethserver as DHCP/DNS server aswell

good luck :+1:

I got the answer, it has to be separated.

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