Nethserver Web UI port 980 "This site can't be reached"


I currently installed Nethserver and when I was testing to create Samba Active Directory, I mistakenly typed the IP address same with my Nethserver Web UI after a couple of minutes my Web UI prompted an error “This site can’t be reached”.

But my server is reachable and I was able to access the CLI.

What can I do retrieve my Web UI? What is the possible cause? Is it the error that I’ve made? where should I check?

Thanks for the help.

There is a possibility to reset your Samba Controller Installation. Read:

You can’t use the same IP address of the machine itself.

Since is a test machine, the faster method is reinstalling the server.


Thanks @giacomo and @hucky.

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@dev_team this is a new bug against nethserver-dc.

A real validator must be made to verify the ip of the container

Not the same than the server
Not already exists (ping the lan)
Not resolved as a host by the server.


Added to the todo list:



The error still persists, when ever I add/install SAMBA to Nethserver, Nethserver Web UI is also gone, when this happens I cannot also access the IP address for Nethserver via Putty, but I can access it via console in ESXi.

Is there any way to checks the logs of Nethserver? and what are the logs that I need to look for.

Thanks for the help, this is the first time I am setting up a nethserver.