NethServer virtualized with Proxmox

After downloading the beta 6.6 iso i decided to give it a run on my Proxmox server.
At first i never could get the server to respond after setting the IP adress manually.
Asking the IRC channel one person seem to have had the same problem, but could not help me further.

In the end, setting the virtualized network to bridge mode (instead of NAT) has resolved all the issues!
I am now happily testing NethServer :slight_smile:


@lincee that’s a great hint! Can you add more details? We could write a generic FAQ or an howto to configure NethServer on Proxmox properly

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i can do so later :wink:
I’m kind of tied up now, but ill start the day after tomorrow

If you need simple virtual machine management, you could take a look to webvirtmgr:

Just sayin’ :smile:


Yes, for simple vm’s that could do the trick :wink:
But it makes no sense running a vm in a vm :wink:

Right…I just misunderstood what you wrote, my bad!
I though you were installing some parts of Proxmox on NethServer. :smile:

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That could actually be an idea :slight_smile:

hi @Lincee can u share your configuration?