NethServer Support Program Feedback

Test Environment, now is easy with virtualization, is the thing taht I do but you can’t probe all the services for example samba, the Bug several weeks ago could damage my reputation, thanks to the forum I didn’t update.

Well in the future I’ll buy more hardware.

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100% agree that testing with virtualization is the way to go. My homeserver is based on Xeon D1521 and running proxmox 5. I can absolutely recommend to go with proxmox as hypervizor.
Future servers I will deploy will go with that for sure.


Alessio The first client is so interested, were I Can have a Quotation and how to pay? I’m migrating the server next year.

I’m still working on it so I can provide the information you need. Please, give me some more time

Ok alessio, this is going to be the hub of clients (important one) all the clients are going to see this installation, I’ll be waiting for.

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Enterprise Support Subscriptions

The NethServer Enterprise Support Subscriptions by Nethesis enables exclusive access to the Enterprise Repository, updates, monitoring tools and immediate professional support services for your NethServer deployments.

It enables you to successfully deploy, monitor and manage your NethServer instances, complimenting your IT resources and increasing the efficiency and reliability of your service.

Plans and Pricing

Pick the right plan for you in 60 seconds and scale as your need grows

See our spreadsheet

  1. The subscription period is one year from purchase date. All prices are net prices. VAT will be added, if applicable.
  2. All subscriptions come with exclusive access to the enterprise repository, stable updates and enhanced security. (except for the Startup plan)
  3. Technical support is done via the phone, web, email based on Nethesis Helpdesk Portal (in English or Italian) at (except for the Startup plan)
  4. Community support for the Startup Subscription is done via the community platform at

Volume Discounts

When your application reaches volume scale, you’ll automatically get volume pricing with a discount on all renewals and new subscriptions. No negotiation necessary.

  • 5+ number of installations -> 15%
  • 10+ number of installations -> 20%
  • 20+ number of installations -> 25%

Education an Public Sector Discounts

Organizations in the educational or public sector receive a 50% discount on all subscriptions

Why buy an Enterprise Support Subscription?

An Enterprise Support Subscription provides you the confidence of knowing that your NethServer deployment is backed by the best available technical expertise and with the support you need for your organization

Scope of coverage

An Enterprise Support Subscription subscription includes the following:

  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Bug reports and fixes for packages in the NethServer repository

Additional info

  • Technical support always covers all latest stable release.
  • Nethesis do not support modified packages, third-party software, community projects upon which our releases are based on.
  • Specifically Nethesis supports only packages into the updates repository. No other third-party repositories like: StephDL and NethForge

Enterprise Support Subscriptions FAQ

What audience are you targeting?

IT Companies that aim to sell NethServer to their customers. It Consultants and Sysadmins that need/use NethServer to serve their companies and clients. Freelance IT professional that have installed NethServer to their clients

What does it mean 1 Business Day support?

Support can answer within 4 hours but just between 9-18 Italian timezone. That’s why 1 business day

How many subscriptions do I need?

Each NethServer that will join the Enterprise Support needs a subscription. Every subscription key is bound to the unique “Server ID” of your server.

How many support tickets do I get in total if I buy two or more Enterprise Support Subscriptions?

With every subscription, you purchase you will get a certain amount of included support tickets. For example: If you run two servers with NethServer and you order two Basic Plan Subscriptions (each with three support tickets included) you have in total six support tickets, three for each server.)

I’d like to subscribe many NethServer

Having already a fair amount of installations (more than 5) or planning to add new installations, you could find interesting having a volume discounts. It offers more affordable prices when the number of installations increases. Check the above info box Volume Discounts

In what languages do I get support?

Nethesis provides support in Italian and English. We hope in the future to add other languages.

I’d like to support the NethServer project, am I in the right place?

An investment in a NethServer Support subscription is also an investment into the NethServer project. A fair amount of the subscriptions will is used to fund development of NethServer

Why would I pay for open source software?

NethServer is great out of the box. But installing and running a server in a secure and reliable manner and for hundreds or thousands of users, important for a mission-critical environment, is not always easy. You probably want access to an expert if something does not function as expected. Nethesis provides not only that but also pro-active support for installation and security issues.
By offering more in-depth knowledge than anybody else, we give you the confidence you need to be able to rely on NethServer

NethServer is open source, what is behind your prices?

We offer a product which not only has the features, but also the stability and ease of use that helps your business be successful. And Nethesis supports that with quick and quality help, providing direct contact with real and qualified engineers, access to expertise on scaling your server, improvements you really need and want and more. All to make sure your NethServer server works as smooth as possible so your team can get work done instead of wait for IT to fix their infrastructure or worry about data theft.

How can I signup an Enterprise Support Subscription?

We’re not ready to offer the program yet but we will get you in touch.
Please submit the form below providing your contact information, you will be added to our waitlist


Pricing seems competitive, I would say it might be a bit expensive for large businesses, but most places would only have 1 or 2 servers running nethserver, and it does manage the whole network. Very nice! Pricing looks scalable. The only issue is getting the word out!! Even with the premium support package you are still saving money over using micro$oft server.

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: For large businesses, the partner program fits better.

Does partner also come with responsibilities? Or is it entirely optional to do anything beyond run Nethserver on your network?

Nope, I guess you have just benefits :slight_smile:

Apologies @alefattorini that I haven’t been reply much to this thread due to other commitments, but i have been causally following it and I like the direction it is going in.


I think it’s a good idea, besides, I’m also part of the EMS server community and even if optionally there was a share of free donation to help the project in grow


Good to know! What do you like specifically? I’d like to know your thoughts about that. Particularly on my last post

EMS? If you want to donate you can do it as well, Steph repository!

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Ok where is the quotation and where to pay ?

Im, so interested in the version of 49€/year Ill be so pleased to sell a nice and cheap server in small companies.

Thanks alessio

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well sorry for ems but sme server
it’s a good idea for a good project (nethserver).

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I’m sorry I have not been very active lately, the little time available I spend it to play on ns7 on ARM :grin:
anyway, hoping I did not miss something …

how about having a discount for the educational and non-profit sector? I refer above all to small ones. so maybe keep the startup level at 0 or 1$ and max 1-2 install could be an idea, i don’t know…

for those who remain totally on the community version (say home users) there will be different repositories for updates and no asset portal, or there are other differences?

Good idea, added to my todolist

What do you mean? Can you explain the question again? I can’t get it

I’d say, if they can prove to be non-profit and/or educational, we should promote them using it for the long term benefit of being widely known as a go-to solution that has no draw backs and just benefits.

I guess he is worried that there will be a risk of the community version becoming the version that nobody really wants, and the payed version out of reach for those that are now very happy with software that just works. I would hope this would never happen, and the only difference for non-paying people is that they get to test the updates first, taking away risk from the stable updates repo users. I would be very sad if parts would get paywalled.

Edit: The transition to Nethesis should be the logical next step when you grow beyond small enterprise imho, or when you can not afford an IT staff.


I think this is a good question and my opinion is:

to stay opensource the updates should be available for everyone and we only should sell the service.
I like the actual way for updates, community gets them for testing and they are installed one week later at the payed systems.

I think this is the problem Zentyal has, there are no official updates for the community.

Like said before, I hope community gets them first, it is the best way for testing them. I want to quote @iglqut:

It’s a win win situation


That’s even better. I didnt think about the ‘stable updates’ being blended in here … daim … I just love how this community ‘moves’. I was thinking about ‘stable updates’ as litterally tested by a test-team, not realizing the test team being us :stuck_out_tongue: I’m slow like that sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

How will the table updates repo be able to incorporate updates that noone really cares to use atm, so which are not really really tested ? Will they be held back for a week or so and then released anyway, and a clause distributed to follow DTAP procedures at all times on production environments ?