NethServer Subscription Alert report

New to subscription plan, so let’s try it to know how to sell the machines.

I found this in the mail:

Root partition


I have a PERC controller and no LVM LInux (the PERC drives the RAID), ¿how to ask support in this case?

I assume the monitoring expects LVM. Do you still have the failure status?

Where to check it? it arrives to the mail. (it’s a new problem for me).

Maybe @giacomo can help us here…I think the warning can be ignored. It’s there because you don’t have LVM.

A similar issue (not related to PERC):

…and apparently nothing’s been done to fix that since that time. An email that says “something’s wrong with your boot partition, but I’m not going to tell you what” is useless. Doubly so if it isn’t even correct, as it wasn’t in that thread.

Your root partition is becoming full.

I still agree with this sentence (and @edoardo_spadoni too) , but this is exactly the same alert used for our Enterprise customers. I can’t understand why nobody complained about it :thinking:

@nethcman @filippo_carletti @alefattorini can we plan to change such labels on next subscription plan round of updates?


Agree, when I firstly read this sentence I thought “ehy, are you kidding me?”

That would be an improvement, but if you’re going to warn on free space, the warning (ideally), or the logs (at a minimum) should state the threshold and the actual level. That might help track down what’s going on when those messages are sent out in error, as they were for me (there’s simply no way something consumed hundreds of GB of my root partition, and then released them, without any intervention–even storing a local copy of a full backup wouldn’t have come close).

Ok doky, that’s true when de root partition reach 80%, the dashboard progress bar becomes orange, I can’t do any thing until new disks come a live (waiting 2000US to change them).

Thanks Giacomo,and ¿is posible to change the message? to say “Full disk”