Nethserver-sogo, ldap connection with customer thunderbird

Someone can help me to use the sogo and synchronize calendar and contact with my client thunderbird ?. How I can make LDAP connection ?, where in the nethserver server, I can find the information in the connection string ldap ?.

excuse my bad English

Check this:
You need SOGo extensions for thunderbird

@Daniel_Mogollon_M I am interested in how this is going, have you resolved yet? Can you mark this topic as solved?


the issue is not that you can not open thunderbird via web with the environment , the problem is I can not synchronize calendar , contacts , tasks or thunderbird windows version with the version sogo website . I’ve left , but I will return , because it is important for a customer

I can not help very much.
Installed (tested) it once for ns7 alpha 2, and it worked. :slight_smile:

I do remember the version of Lightning is crucial !

I use Thunderbird with sogo, an it works smootly (nethserver 6.7).
If you want I can help you with teamviewer or similar.


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Check servername.domain.tld is resolvable by the pc or it doesn’t work