Nethserver-portainer needs testers AND ideas :D


Podman -> Container -> Kubernetes :wink:

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Redhat loves podman

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Sorry for bumping up but nethserver-docker/portainer isn’t available anymore from the repositories.

Is there a way to provide it again? Shall I upload it to nethforge? @stephdl @davidep

As far as I know we never release it, the source is at

Not sure it is stable enough

It was in nethforge-testing but isn’t anymore.
It’s working good here so I’d like to provide it again.


Do not know, we need maybe to merge the branch on master, build the rpm & push it to nethforge or create the travis build file, commit the comps github repository to allow to install it with the software center, find a dev who will provide love.

What do you think @davidep

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Side question: will be docker supported into NethServer 8?
IMVHO what Nethesis is trying to avoid is maintaining a package for which function RedHat is sponsoring another competitor…

When a rpm goes to the core, it is available for the nethserver enterprise version, this is important to understand that the code must be maintened, patched and also stable.

This is why there is considerations with a go sometimes, and a no go if the code is hard to maintain, bugged or if it is a hole in the security.

From my point of view, docker is massively used, but does it make it the best, Microsoft is the massively OS used, but it is not the best one.

Probably podman is the way to go, for a server it could replace kubernete because podman can start the docker at the good time (orchestration) and it is rootless. Docker use root to launch your container, your container is corrupted, it uses root to do a lot of bad things on your system

At the end, nethserver aims to be redhat/centos clone…a good reason more to stick on redhat solution