Nethserver or CENTOS 7?

I will start to setup a brand new server (home use). I had done such thinkg in the past with CENTOS and it worked fine. But looking at the netserver page it looks interesting too.
That is what I want to accomplish:

  • Server is modem / router of my network > 2 NICs for internal and external nextwork. Connect via PPPoE to WAN.
  • I have a dynamic IP and need ddns support.
  • Can I disable shortwall and use iptables instead?
  • A LAMP stack with several different services (nextcloud, firefly-iii, etc…)

Should I have problens in setting this up?

Neth handles this easily.

I don’t believe there’s built-in support for this, but any ddns client that could run on CentOS would run equally well on Neth.

I don’t believe you can easily do this, and it would be discouraged in any event. But it’s easy enough to manage the firewall within the Neth GUI.

LAMP stack itself is a point-and-click installation, and some apps (like Nextcloud) are too. Others would be manually installed, but shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary.

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Configuration of the services, especially NICS, etc…
I assume can do this all via CLI directly? This is what I am used too and I still have the scripts.


That depends. A lot of the system configuration is managed by the OS itself, and thus you shouldn’t be directly editing config files for stuff the system manages. Stuff that you’ve installed from source can of course be managed directly.

The preferred way is doing this through the Servermanager webinterface of NethServer.

If you decide to go for nethserver, you will need to let go the idea of editing config files. NethServer uses a template system that generates the configfiles. If you need specific changes, there is the option to create custom templates so your changes don’t get overwritten when there is a software update.

Link to explanation of custom templates:

Shorewall translates its own configuration into iptables commands, and its configuration is very flexible.
In case something is really missing, you can still use your own special crafted iptables lines using some special shorewall hooks.
But in my experience, you will need it in really uncommon scenarios.

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