Nethserver on Raspberry Pi


(jack) #62

some rumors say that the next upgrade on pi is 2GB ram…no Gb ethernet

(jack) #63

even if you use a gigabit usb adapter you can’t reach good speed on pi because all data transfer on pi use a shared USB 2 bus, so 480Mbits/s (Teorical!) max. Consider all traffic, network, usb hardisk, etc… the performance won’t be as expected

(JamesMillar) #64

That may be true but it isn’t true 1Gb because the current USB 2.0 spec doesn’t support those speeds.

(Mark Verlinde) #65

Could use a banana PI, it lacks processing power, however has a GB-eth PY and sata PY in the SOC

Would not be surprised it still beats the RPI 3 on I/O.

(jack) #66

i’m on amazon searching a banana pi… :astonished:


Or look for a Cubietruck


yes, and my seems to work on nethpi :slight_smile:

(Mark Verlinde) #69


Hardware doesn’t show up here… (on both pi’s)


It’s working with Raspian :smile:


Yes i know, i’ve written a small python script to get info and changed the php page of dashboard… But i didn’t like too much as solution…

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #72

I did the tests, CentOS already includes mdadm if RAID is configured.
So we can safely remove the mdadm dependency, I just have to re member to create a new issue on github!

(Mark Verlinde) #73


There is no rush, its just so ugly. (you cloud opt for a conditional depent just to be sure…)

BTW. the intention (design goal if you wish) was (is) getting unchanged NS running on a arm device

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #74

Created a new issue:

(Mark Verlinde) #75

That would be awesome,
Had a go on it and almost there…
It would be a nightmare to maintain this with all the version requirements :cold_sweat:

(jack) #76

Works on rpi3! :slight_smile: just follow the wiki (exept the centos image to use) :wink:

(Mark Verlinde) #77

@jackyes, nice! did you do it recently? We just updated the install script (…23.) the nethserver-system-init.service should complete error free;

rpm -q nethserver-release-7arm

If so could you pm the install logs once again?

(Mark Verlinde) #78

@Tom, did you have go on this experiment ?


I have been watching it closely. Having asked the question that started the
thread I am amazed at the community response and how much has been achieved
in such a short time. I hope to try an install on a Pi this weekend and I
will report back on how it goes for me.

(jack) #80

i have installed it today in the afternoon :wink:
No problem during the install…
i will pm you the log tomorrow from work :wink:

(Filippo Carletti) #81

I’ve an almost working mock cfg file for armhfp. I need only nethserver-devtools.
@dz00te could you please add the package to your repo? Thanks.