Nethserver on ProxMox LXC

I’m interested to know more about this, how did you do that ?
Personally I have on machine where

  • a VM for Ubuntu Mate with a passthrough for the VideoCard
  • a VM for Nethserver with passthrough for 2 harddrives which is a RAID for /var/lib/nethserver/ibay
  • a VM for Windows 10
    than few VM for testing and few CT for little task like dyndns and pihole

Lately With Proxmox 6.2.4 they add a feature in the option menu
so now I’m testing Zentyal and Nethserver in LXC Container

While Zentyal 6.2 works well after the install even works as AD and Mailserver
for Nethserver it is another story; I think it is because of Cockpit which require SystemD simply don’t work (and I can’t install the old WebUI to test).