NethServer mail (outlook365 don't recieve any messages)

Hi all, i have mail server (NethServer) and I have a problem.
We do not receive messages from Company who use Outlook365, ONLY from that Company.
But I they are recieve all messages from us
Where is the problem?
Outlook365 mail server like (
Thank u



Welcome to the NethServer commnity!

Outlook365, Gmail and Apple are among the “fussiest” Mail Providers…
You need to make sure all parameters of Mail are correct.

These links may help find the problem:

You also need to check if DKIM & DMARC are correct (See Google for checker site…)

My 2 cents

Hi Andy,
thank u for your reply


we used to receive messages from this company and we don’t change any settings.

We recieve all messages from another companies.

Actually everything looks good. Very good indeed…

Maybe your client needs to call Microsoft, as often in such cases no error message is displayed, even after 5 days…
They can troubleshoot the problem, as they see what their server doesn’t like, or what’s blocking it.
Your Client are clients of Microsoft, so they can contact the MS-Helpdesk.

My 2 cents

Our client is sayd that everythink is ok on their side…:slight_smile:

I have checked all what I can , they are recieve messages from us, but we don’t

Yeah, but only MS can say WHY mail is not leaving their server…
You can get mails from everyone else…

You can contact MS, and quote your clients mail-domain and ask…

inspect /var/log/maillog you will be sure if it is not rejected by your server first

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No, there is empty, i’m only see my mails to that company, no incoming mails
Thank u

What is occuring when your client try to send you an email, do they have an error ?

Here are some Office365 test tools, if it is of any help:

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They just send e-mail to us, and no an error and more they have successful delivery message

what is the log lines in maillog relative to the successful message ?