Nethserver, Install all command-line?

This is a kind of support clarification and feature request. I have finally gotten around to installing Nethserver 6.8 (With the hopes that there will be a NS7 upgrade path), and I noticed that after install I got a command prompt. Looking at the Install guide it looks like I have some commands to run to get the core installed. Is that correct, or did I make a mistake during the install?

Zentyal, ClearOS, and FreeNAS all had the Web-interface ready to go after you go through the initial install steps. I’m not afraid of the command line, but it is a few manual steps between me and the NS experience. I would be curious if this is be design or by lack of priority. I would request this to be implemented in future revisions. It presents a more polished product, reduces manual steps (Increases speed of install), and increases convenience.

If installed from NethServer ISO, you don’t need to do any additional step on the command line.
If this was a CentOS install then you need to follow the guide to install the nethserver core on top of centos.

NethServer (by default) does not include a graphic environment.
You can access the administration panel from another computer by follow this guide:

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Ok, you can just cancel this entire thing, I transposed a number when attempting to get to the web-interface after the install. I was rushed and wasn’t paying enough attention. My Bad, sorry.

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No worries :wink: