Nethserver in workgroup unable to create accounts for share access

NethServer Version: 7
Module: shared folders
Hi to all, I’m new on platform. I’ve seen a Nethserver of a colleagure that is setted on Workgroup mode and is able to add simply users. I mine is not possibile because even if is setted in workgroup mode asks for an AD mode for using shared folders. I’ve also tried to create AD and create users. Correctly shared a folder but unable to access with credentials. Using name@domain.local or only name. Folder is not accessible. where’s the trick? I only need a simple smb share to access with windows users. I’m using free edition. Thank you.

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Maybe your friend uses nethserver-directory (openldap) and you installed nethserver-dc (SAMBA AD).
With the former you must join the window client to the domain I bet with the administrator account (think to set him a password)