Nethserver in php 7

I need php 7 (or at least 5.5 or 5.6) for several things:

  • For my website (there I can use the nethserver-php-scl module from @stephdl - which works great, btw!)
  • I want to install phpMyAdmin 4.6 (from remi) but it needs at least php 5.5 and Nethserver (especially the server manager httpd-admin, I guess) requires php 5.4
  • I need roundcubemail 1.2 for some features and also there a higher php version is required

Is there a workaround?
And why does Nethserver 7 come still with php 5.4 at all???
I also tried to upgrade the php version of the whole system but then httpd-admin didn’t work anymore…

This question should be asked there

Wrong, httpd-admin requires php, and it works with php7

wrong, roundcubemail works with php{53.7,54,55,56,70,71}, but for php7x it is a mandatory

why do you need this version ?

yes but you are on your own support

  • install nethserver-php-scl
  • set php7x for the whole server
  • install nethserver-phpmyadmin
  • install phpMyAdmin from remi
  • Pray for compatibility :slight_smile:
  • Install nethserver-roundecubemail (might be optional)
  • install roundcubemail from remi (if alone install nethserver-httpd)

Not tested, but be prudent, probably you will pull php dependencies to php55 :’(

If you really need this version, you might need to install it manually in a virtualhost.

why your site needs php7?

same question Steph already asked: why do you need that version?

because it comes from CentOS7 which comes from RHEL7…
it seems that you don’t know how RH works…

if you’re in habit of having last releases of app/daemons, RH derivatives (and so NS) aren’t for you

BTW, on an enterprise class server you don’t want bleeding edge apps/daemons

Thanks for the answers and the possible workaround… I will test it…
and please apologize my question [quote=“phonon112358, post:1, topic:5890”]
And why does Nethserver 7 come still with php 5.4 at all???
I indeed haven’t realized that this fact relies on RHEL7…

The reason why I wanted to install phpMyAdmin 4.6 is that one of my customers asked me to do so… but if it really turns out to be impossible, it is OK!

Do you mean that I simply set the php version for apache to php70/71 SCL in the phpsettings module (like below)? I ask because this setting doesn’t change the output of php -v which is 5.4 independent of choice in the php-scl module…
or should I change the php version in another way?

Sorry - I am definitely still completely new to Nethserver and the whole server business… and didn’t want to critise Nethserver 7 at all!!! it fits pretty well to my needs… I only wondered why it uses still php 5.4 but I understand now that it depends on RHEL7…

One last remark before I will try the proposed workaround:

Interesting, it didn’t work when I installed php7 (but without php-scl)… all other modules worked however perfectly (exception: nethserver-roundcubemail which uses roundcubemail 1.1.7 - hence it is clear that it cannot work with php 7)… Using php-scl, httpd-admin works well with all selectable php versions (of course?)!

php54 is not removed, it is why you found it, when you load php{5x,7x} for the whole apache server by my module you play at the php_mod level, when you load a different version of the php for one virtualhost you use php-fpm (a different version of php running as a service on a specific port)

if you want to use php as a cli, not tested but it should work:
scl enable php56 'php -v'

So in short, you can load one version of php for the whole server with the Php Apache Version panel

It is the strength of redhat, 10 years of security update, and a lot of software versions

Because when you upgraded php7x you missed some dependencies probably.

If you are a good computer scientist, then you will be able to explain that it is not possible and that nobody had thought of it before…


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yes, thanks for the explanations…!!! :wink:

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