Nethserver for small Hotel, possible captive portal?

Hi, am looking if it is possible to use nethserver as a solution for a small hotel.

the contractor they use when implement the network only configure 2 switches to pass the traffic to the provider router , leaving a nigthmare network, clients, wifi ap and hotel pc in the same network.

actual network (nightmare)

i wanna do a a basic segregation of the network 2 networks, clients and internal for the sake of everything and traffic shapping if it is possible.

for the moment the dont require captive portal for the guest network, anyone have some that can share.


Hello @jrab66 , i would suggest the introduction of vlans. I was jn similar situation in a school, and introduction of vlans and it was a pleasure, you may have to do a bit of planing. But, maybe @alefattorini could direct you to the right people, the commercial version of NETHSERVER can and is developed for hospitality industry.

Otherwise just message me and i can send you more and maybe even assist you.


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already have planning implementing VLAN for this project, i dont know if its possible buy some license for it, but sounds very cool.

For the commercial version i meant.

Hi Jose,

For the Commercial version of the NethServer, please follow this link: and press "CONTACT US!"

Another options for this project is to separate the two networks using NethServer Community Edition as UTM, with at least three NICs:

  • WAN (RED) - Internet access
  • LAN (GREEN) - business/private network
  • GUEST (BLUE) - guest access network
  • DMZ (ORANGE) - optional, for Email server, Web server, FTP server, …


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Yes, it is possible. I think @Jim is using it in an hotel too.

You can follow the suggests given above or try a turnkey solution like this