Nethserver-fail2ban needs testers

It would be awesome, who wants to give it a try?

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Does any fail2ban users here have a hostname of for the internet connection?

Done, the work is a bit more than just rebuild it on NS7.

The main issue I have is that the event nethserver-fail2ban-update is not called by the yum event at the end of the installation…there are no errors in the log message

does something has changed @dev_team ?


Yes, the new RPM version changed the directory ownership management. Have a look at


Thank you so much, you saved my day :slight_smile:


I just installed and configured without issues F2B for NS7 from @stephdl repository!

The stephdl repository is opened

Thank you Stephane!


It works (NS 7b2)!

First ban!


@stephdl I’d like to move this great rpm on NethForge! So you can earn some money for your work and the community has a great new module in his pocket!


any idea on when that is to be released? (F2B itself, I don’t use nextcloud)

Already done!
The stephdl repository is opened

Is that an ‘official’ NS-repo? Will it be released in the default repo’s, or will it stay in this repo only?

For now, will be stay here.
You can use it safety!


Sir! You’ve made my day. :slight_smile: I was looking for Fail2Ban on NS7 and then I’ve luckily found your topic. I can assure you I’ll be using NS7 from today on a small office network as gatewas to the internet, so DHCP, Firewall and OFC Fail2Ban. May I ask what information you require to be shared for furhter developement?

BTW: One small observation for the webconfig. When I click the jails to see what options do they have, I can’t close the dropdown menu. Maybe you should use a simple dropdown menu for each jail type?

Bert :slight_smile:

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@stephdl, I observed the same but workarounded it wrapping each jail in an element list, IIRC. Not sure it was the right way.

It looks good on desktop but IIRC not so on mobile due to the groups columns.

Also, as others noted, the email messages were a bit annoying.

Overall a great work! :heart_eyes:

Can you share the code you modified ?

Will look for it when I get home this night.

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Yep you speak for all the fail2ban starting jails ?

Excerpt: wrapping a jail group within an elementList():

->insert( $view->fieldset(NULL, $view::FIELDSET_EXPANDABLE)->setAttribute('template', $T('NginxStatus_label'))
    ->insert( $view->elementList()
        ->insert($view->checkBox('NginxHttpAuth_status', 'true')->setAttribute('uncheckedValue', 'false'))
        ->insert($view->checkBox('NginxBotSearch_status', 'true')->setAttribute('uncheckedValue', 'false'))

On December I did some other noobie tests, mangling some elements… but didn’t go anywhere…
Test 1:

Test 2:



at the time it was not possible to filter (by fail2ban) what mails to send :’(

Maybe it could be searched now :slight_smile: