I synchronize your mirror each hour, available at

I use rsync

rsync --progress -aHS --partial --delete-after rsync:// /your/directory/

what is lacked/needed

  • a timestamp file in the root folder, to see if the mirror is synchronized or not
  • in the /etc/yum.repos.d/NethForge.repo it is needed to use a ‘mirrorlist’ instead of baseurl’
  • a web page to see status mirror
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I like this man! :+1:

Right @stephdl! Just updated NethForge page here for 6.6 and mirrorlist support:

Timestamp file will be added soon. About synchronization frequency: I was reading CentOS mirror howto: they speak about 2-4 times per day, so I was thinking about 0,6,12,18 UTC for my mirrors.

For rsync command: use “” in place of the legacy “pulp”.

Since your rsync server has two modules (nethforge and nethserver), do I need to download and use each one in a virtualhost, or use both in the same virtualhost. In case of the last proposition, what about of the ‘centos’ folder which is not downloaded ->

The easier solution could be to get just one module, and use it to sync the whole repository.

actually if I use your url I get this

$ rsync --progress -aHS --partial --delete-after rsync:// /var/www/vhosts/

and thus I need to download separately each module.

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Ok, I’ll arrange in the same way of 6.5

Done. Changed my mirror configuration. In /etc/cron.d/sync-nethserver-mirrors:


0 0,6,12,18 * * *	root	/usr/local/sbin/sync-nethserver-mirrors

In /usr/local/sbin/sync-nethserver-mirrors:

/usr/bin/rsync -aq --delete-after \
    rsync:// \

Updated nethserver-nethforge-release RPM. Now you can install from nethserver-base!

When the mirror is ready, can be add it to the official list? @stephdl

I also would like to setup mirrormon:

Of course you can add me to the official repository, the server is located in Germany at 1&1. I have planned to migrate to online or ovh, but I will inform you. I do Love free Software (did I never say it :slight_smile: ) and it is just one way on my personal involment.

Concerning mirmon, it is a good choice.

The mirror is in sync, maybe a good english writer should start a documentation on how to do a mirror for other people.


This is a great present for our community! Thanks @stephdl

Still lacking the timestamp file, will fix tomorrow!

Kudos for @stephdl :+1:

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Just added.

Added also timestamp.txt on the module root.

Until somebody sets up mirmon or similar, this is my mirror monitor bash function in .bashrc:

nethserver_mirrors ()
for M in $(curl ‘’ 2>/dev/null | sed ‘s|6.6/base/x86_64/||’);
printf ‘%-47s %s\n’ $M “$(curl -q -L “${M}/timestamp.txt” 2>/dev/null)”;



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