Nethserver Crash?

My customer call me because has no internet i check /var/log/messages and there’s a gap of an hour
as you can see on the screenshot below:

Is mean the Centos Crash/Block?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, what CPU does the box mount?


looks like “another” evebox (Suricata!) issue. In your log (6 lines above / higher than the first red marked line) it says there’s no EOF in a logfile?

A few lines earlier, you have a SSH access form a ubuntu user?
System hacked?

My 2 cents


Suricata seems to cause a lot of errors, not only here!


I think that the evebox log about overload may be a symptom of… overload, but we can’t know what caused overload.
You may enable kdump and analyze it after another crash.

Apu2 bios seems… stale. 2019?
According to PC Engines - github pages, latest bios release for this board computer seems February 2023.
I’d consider a help.

Also: 140mb of log dump. With 96mb allowed, considering what reported on log.

Thanks for the reply, i think i upgrade the firewall with another hardware.

You’ll hardly find something so energy efficient.