NethServer comparisons with other similar products

m0n0wall is “dead”, see

good to know, thanks man

Endian Community Firewall (the free version). It’s very similar. I got problems running it with firewall disabled, the static routes won’t work correctly. The proxy works very good and the manage of white lists is better i think than nethserver, because you don’t have to set a firewall object and then make the rule, just add a whitelist destination or network without proxy. But clamav and ntopng in Endian needed a lot of Ram. Absolutely NO Support, I think you have to buy the commercial version for it…

Hi Matteo,

IMHO, Endian products cannot be compared with NS in all, maybe only for specific modules.
Endian is UTM only, NS is All in One.
I think NS can be compared with Zentyal 3.5 (next versions have become more specific)
You are right regarding to support for Community (support only from forums).
For commercial versions, technical support is very professional and very prompt (I know that because I’m using Community version and sale Comercial versions).

You’re right, but you could just compare the UTM modules like: proxy, content filter, firewall, proxy SMTP, etc…

Hi all,

I have noticed that there are a lot of comparisons here and I think it would be wise to have the comparisons side by side with each other. I have created a Google Spreadsheet based on the previous feature of Zentyal since a lot of us came from it. However, it should be flexible, we can modify it as needed.

The comparison, in its present form is still bare/raw, so pls. bear with it as it still requires a lot of inputs/modifications. Also, I may have mis-classified some features as well as some erroneous wordings and programs used so if you can point it to the right direction.

I am also looking into involving several of us to edit the spreadsheet as I may not be able to update it. If you do volunteer, pls. PM me your GMail account so I can include you as collaborator.

And for those who just wanted to comment, pls. do as I have opened the spreadsheet for comment.

As it is, Ticks means generally supported while it would be better if we can include the technology/program behind it. For others, a simple blank or N/A will suffice. However, to basically identify that a feature is not supported (i.e. a firewall was not meant to serve as mail server) we have the background as RED.

We can also put something like “Commercial Add-On.”

@zamboni, a lot is asking for comparisons and those who are researching for the right product to study and/or deploy would greatly benefit from these comparisons.

While its fun, it hopefully will be helpful. So here we go… :grinning: :beers:


That’s a great idea, hope people help you to craft a great comparison :wink:

Hi Vhinz;
Great start,
but i think it’s incomplete, as an example i’m pretty sure all those distro offer DNS and DHCP service and captive portal just to name those.
How we could help you, I wasn’t able to edit the google document.

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Try to comment it.

Thanks @JOduMonT, I’ve already incorporated your comments. I do agree that it is very much incomplete, very raw at this state…that’s why I am asking for help (and I also have limited time to complete this).

It would be much better if the tickmarks will be replaced by module names for detailed list (tickmarks will do to show its supported).

If you do have other comments (or a sizeable inputs) and wouldn’t mind sending (via PM) your Gmail account so I can give you permision.

Ehi guys @Nas @kayazeren @fasttech @transocean @AZChas @warren_midgley @malvank @medworthy @mabeleira @dz00te @Technet @warren_midgley @enrilor @JOduMonT @Matteo_Contoli
please, could you help @vhinzsanchez with his comparison? It could be a great piece of work!

I’he sent the request to modify spreadsheet

Hi @NAS,

I had received your request, now adding you as collaborator.


Sure, @vhinzsanchez just tell how can i help you.

I’he added some features in Table :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nas! @mabeleira, I’m not very knowledgeable with Linux, I just know enough working my way mostly through GUI, I’m a Windows guy trying my hands in Linux. I’ve just had an idea of side-by-side comparison of other similar UTMs or SMB servers as there have been several comparisons scattered here.

I should also say that I just don’t have the luxury of time for a complete comparison. I’ve started this because of the above reason, I wanted comparison which will include all in one place. It may also be used as a basis of NS to add some features if some would request because others have it :smile: . I’ve, however, enabled comments on the spreadsheet should you so wish to ad something. But if you do have some considerable amount of edits, I would suggest to PM me your gmail account so I can add you up as collaborator.


@JOduMonT, thanks, I’ve already incorporated your suggestions and inputs. :smile:

my gmail is mabeleira add me and i’ll be glad to help you.

Just a quick glance and there’s quite a few features that should be checked but are not in the free version of Untangle.

I too don’t understand why UTM’s are included, but then I wouldn’t be inclined to bind a UTM and office server in the same package, not when it’s silly easy to run them side by side in a vm host. Even if I was going to use NS as a gateway, I would not use it as an office server.

@fasttech, I do understand that UTM and office features should not and must not be mixed together. Others without budget “might” deploy this kind of solution however discouragement effort we put into it. But a better implementation is to separate UTM with office/collab features on different server…preferrably both NS :smile:

What I’m trying to accomplish here are feature listing for easy comparison of similar products. As I noticed, there are some comparisons requested and some already done but is scattered. Lacking time, knowledge and skills, I am asking for inputs from community to chime in.