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This is my first post in the Nethserver community and I’d like to thank the development team for this wonderful all-in-one server package.
this is my first attempt ever with Linux and servers and before deciding to choose Nethserver , I actually installed about 20 Linux serves and firewalls in VMs like clearos , zentyal , pfsense , routeros , …etc.
after playing with all these servers for about one weeks ,I finally decided to go for Nethserver , for me Nethserver was the clear winner having a user friendly interface , light on resources , modules based , and rich functionality but none of these was the main reason for choosing Nethserver.
The main point that made me decide to pick Nethserver was its community and for me any piece of software without an active community helping each other, report bugs and suggest new features is a dead one


Happy New Year!

Welcome to NS Community!

I think you are the first newcomer in this year!

Thank you for appreciations to NS Team and NS Community!

Please read Alessio’s Welcome ( Welcome to NethServer Community ) and tell us more about you (Who are you?, What you’re working on?, What brings you to NethServer?, What interesting software do you have found lately?, How you spent your free time?, Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?).

Happy New Years with us!

Kind regards,

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Welcome to the NS community. I know the feeling and when I first came here I felt the same. The enthusiasm you find here is quite exceptional. I am glad and proud to be a member of this community.

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My fellows have already nicely welcomed you, thanks for your words. Please help us to make our community even bigger, more active and vibrant.
Our greater purpose is making people comfortable and feeling welcome, you might be able to help with that. Let’s sip a glass of “prosecco” and take it easy :wink:


thanks for the nice welcome guys
i’m currently using nethserver as a home server as a replacement for my router hat was flashed with custom firmware DD-WRT
i was experiencing many network issues struggling to run the fax , printers , desktops , mobile devices , NAS all together , that was partly due to hardware and software limitations of the router itself , so i decided to search for a more capable server that can do all of this for me , and nethserver was the final answer fot this.
despite being a physician , i consider computer and programming to be my1st hobby , you can just google dr.hany pes modding , lol , i also shared in the beta testing for many security products and popular software firewall hips


ahah I was a huge PES player too :soccer:

Uh that’s interesting! Would you like to help us with testing?

Where are you from?

sure i can help in beta testing
i live in US

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Yeah we have many guys from US @adam @fasttech @macwunder @EddieA and your man to join the testing team is @dz00te

thanks so much alefattorini
do i have to send him a message

hi @hany,
glad to see you are interested helping us in testing, here you can find some info on QA/Testing Team:

or wiki:

for any doubt feel free to ask

Ehi man, what’s going on? Would you like to join our @quality_team ?

Hi Alessio, i’m working on the translation, but if the involvement in the
@quality_team is directed by other and i’m assigned specific tasks, i’ll do
my best to help.

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Ehi man, thanks for your help and sorry for the late response :frowning:
We test new things every day, so when I mention the quality team it would be great if you can chime in and lend a hand.

I’ll try i promise, thats what i’m doing with translations.