NethServer Community at Fosdem - 3 & 4 February 2018

I will be there at least on Saturday. Hope I can manage to be there Sunday too (but don’t count on that)


Yes I think I’ll be there at Saturday.

What is about @dnutan

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Sorry , I will not be there.

Sorry, will not be there

i will be there from friday afternoon (i hope to attend to some talk of centos dojo)…


Is everything fine with your wife and the coming baby? Are you at FOSDEM or not? Would be glad to you see you there.

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I’m sorry guys but I’m not able to participate. :frowning:
Too much to do in that period and not enough time …

Update: Will be there :slight_smile:

That’s too bad Bogdan. I will look forward to next opportunity to meet. Say hi from me and Monique to your wife.


The FOSDEM is approaching!
IIRC we should organize 2 things:


Traditionally all dinners have taken place at Amadeus.
Do you think is suitable for everyone?
Otherwise @pagaille, would you like to take care of the dinner organization and maybe suggest any other place which can be easily reachable on foot from the city center?


Of course, as we already did in the last years, we can meet at cafeteria but I’d like to sponsor the proposal of an “unofficial” meeting in a dedicated BoF room.
Should we try to book an hour during Saturday afternoon?

The main topic could be the Community governance as proposed by @robb but we could add any other interesting topics, maybe including a Q&A session.
Robb, would you like to take care of organizing this part?

@alefattorini would you like to invite to this discussion anyone who already confirmed his/her own presence to the FOSDEM?


Now it’s safe, I’ll be there at Saturday with a friend of mine.
I’ll try to get him to nethserver, he could be an enrichment (like every other member too) for our community.


How far would this organizing go? Does it include arranging a room or will someone of the Nethesis crew be able to do this?

Anybody can write “NethServer” on the board at the entrance of the H building. The first who gets there can write it, let’s try to arrange the best time for all of us.


great… I think the best time would be right after Stefano’s presentation on PBX on NethServer in the lightning talks on Saturday. That would be around 14:00h??
Are there any talks that “can’t be skipped” at that time?
Personally would be an interesting one for me… That one is right after Stefano’s talk. But the NethServer community talk is more important for me…


Hi guys, we will see you all there! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see you all again! :slight_smile:


So you can manage to come over? AWESOME!

List updated!

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So, let’s try to book at 15.30 or later.
There are so many talks, someone will miss something for sure :smiley:

Great news! I’m really very happy! :slight_smile:

Dear all, I just got the flu and I’m locked into my bed. I’ll do my best to attend the fosdem but can’t arrange anything for the next two days. Sorry.

We will meet of course directly there, I’m sure you will recover for next week :wink:

Still, do you have any suggestions for a good restaurant for a table of around 15 people?