NethServer and Win10

Apologies if thi has already been addressed. I’m looking to take neth and join it to a win2008r2 domain,
prompt it, and have win7 (short term) and win10 systems connected.

A) I assume this is supported by neth rather easily
B) at some point shortly afterwards, the win2008r2 will be offlined. Would there be any caveats
joining future win10 systems to this neth server

Thanks in advance


I’m not really sure, joining is no problem (Member of AD) but a promotion therafter to AD?

I do have experience with NethServer as AD, but never “taking over AD” from a Windows Server, always created the AD anew.
NethServer as AD as such has no problems having either Win7, Win10 or different versions of Windows Server (til 2016 tested) as member servers in a NethServer AD.

My 2 cents

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Hi @Chad_Homan,

Unfortunately it’s not supported. Nethserver is able to join as member but not as DC.
There’s a script for importing users from a textfile.

In the wiki you can find instructions about joining as DC. Be careful, it’s experimental, don’t try that in production environments.
After having working replication you may demote the Windows server.