NethServer and the latest kernel

Here is an interesting question I asked myself today?

How would Nethserver and its config react if I had to install the latest kernel? If it works, is it worth the effort and what would the pros and cons be of doing this?

pros : more compatibilities with latest hardware
cons : you will be alone to keep your system in operation (redhat does it well for you)

Thanks @stephdl

I almost systematically always install kernel-ml from ElRepo on any nethserver I install.

PRO: Stack TCP is more optimized (which help if you use or plan to use container and VM on the host)
CON: I had something issue with monitoring apps such as DPI, IPS and Squid, (but never dig to understood if it was directly linked)

DPI should be rebuilt for kernel-ml. In the past, we did offer an rpm package, but we are no longer maintaining it. If you want to give it a try, start from
You should change the kernel version here.

IPS uses the standard nfqueue kernel feature, it should work regardless of the kernel.
Squid is a user space component, kernel version is irrelevant.

You may also need to adjust the shorewall capabilties file: