Nethserver and AMD Ryzen

Has anyone tried the various versions of Nethserver with AMD Ryzen processors?
Would be interested to hear your experiences?
The few comments I’ve found (outside of this community) suggest Ryzens’ don’t play well with any RH based Linux before kernel v4.12
If so, I’ll need to find out when v4.12 will be in the NS development.

I did a quick search on problems with the chipset for Ryzen CPU with RH/CentOS and it looks like that there is just no support for Ryzen CPU’s on CentOS yet.
Even the latest build: CentOS 7.4 does not support the Ryzen chipset. It probably will take time until RH has released support for Ryzen and after that it can be introduced to CentOS.
NethServer follows upstream updates, so as soon CentOS supports Ryzen, you can expect NethServer to support it too.
Have a look at
Patience is your friend.

A thing you could try is to add the latest kernel to NS7. What I understood is that the distributions (RHEL, CentOS) ship with a kernel that does not support Ryzen.
Let us know if it helps.


Thanks for your comments.
I don’t have the hardware yet, so can’t “try it” as such. (Obviously) don’t want to buy stuff if its not suitable.
(As background) Have an old server that won’t run NS (driver issues) and am waiting till I can get some better HW. Ryzen seems good value for money hence the looking into it.

“Patience is my friend” … I like it !! :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with your choice of Ryzen about “good value for money”. At least, for a server.

It’s one of the most interesting desktop processors put out from AMD during last 12 years, one that really challenge Intel lineup. So it will be really a crack during next 3 years… BUT.
Intel optimized consumptions during last 3 generations of desktop CPU (Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake) with a little bump of multimedia performance into embedded GPU. And now boosts performance adding a couple of “free cores” when AMD try to make the move with Ryzen and Threadripper.
Therefore, putting 8xxx Intel into market, 7xxx, 6xxx and 5xxx remaining stocks could be a bargain for cost-effective (and energy effective) CPU buyout.

Obviously, this is only an opinion related to nethserver use. A simple installation for firewall uses has a GX-412TC CPU onboard, which performes quite well neverthess is a platform released into 2014 :wink:

I don’ t know your budget for a new system and don’ t know how many people need to use your network. At home I recently switched from a HP Microserver to a more powerfull Intel Xeon D1520 solution
With a beautifull (NS)BLUE Bitfenix case and 16GB memory.
This costed including post and packing around EUR700,- Where I reused my disks (1 250GB HDD, 1 60GB SSD and 2 2TB HDD)
I merely chose this setup to be able to test around multiple OS’s. I installed proxmox 5 on this server and on top of that I installed (several instances of) NethServer.

I can highly recommend to go virtualized since you get a very easy-to-use snapshot option. Before updating any VM, take a snapshot and if the sh!t hits the fan, you are back to the state before update in a matter of seconds.

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