Nethserver Active Directory Server

NethServer Version: v7
Module: nethserver-dc

SOOO… i finally took the plunge!

I have started to migrate away from some old SBS 2011 servers in favor of nethserver.
However… while i have finished setting up the mailserver, accounts etc.

What happens with the user folders when i switch? Currently i make use of redirected folders, instead of roaming profiles… How will this hold with nethserver?

Then i run into problems where i try to connect to a networkshare with Windows Home, while i cant JOIN a domain, i should be able to use its network credentials yes? Somehow it doesn’t work yet :frowning:

net use DRIVE_LETTER: \\server_name\network_share /user:DOMAINNAME\username password

does’nt work?

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only “half” :frowning:
anyways, i have more pressing matters now :slight_smile:
Does anyone know how to create grouppolicy’s by hand? The server manager keeps saying it doesnt work with this version of windows server (obviously, samba4) and i need to give users access to their own shared folders and all :frowning:

what server manager do you mean? Did you try RSAT, normally it works with samba too.

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yes, sorry i ment RSAT :slight_smile:

For some odd reason, it doesnt seem to work for me :frowning:
i will see if i can dig anything up from the log :slight_smile:
Also, i had this odd HELO error because outlook refuses to send the FQN, i modified the for postfix but obviously i need a solution that works beyond updates etc… and no, switching to Thunderbird is not a good solution :wink:

If you want to change something in config files, do it with a custom template, it remains after update.

if you have some gpo policies and are not acuirred by users the try this on client machine:
gpupdate /force

brutal method but it was working with my configuration